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About Signs

Our Signs Sell Your Business!

Starting A New Business? 

You’re going to need signs... 

Let us help! Whether you are setting up a brick and mortar location or your business is mobile, your company will require different types of signage. We do not just want to create signs for our customers, we want to create the right signs. At 3-D Signs, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with our customers and assess their signage needs. By creating a sign plan, we are able to put together a plan that fits our customer’s budget. It is very common for new businesses to see more bank withdrawals than to see bank deposits,at least for a while. We understand the financial drain on new businesses and work with our customers to prioritize their signage needs and complete their sign package as their budget allows.

Why Think About Signs Now?

Signs are a good investment in your busness! Studies have shown that a properly designed sign can grow sales by 3 - 34%. Signs are an inexpensive investment in your business because they work 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year. Not only is signage an inexpensive method to advertise, it is also one of the most effective methods for attracting customers.

Obtaining signage for your business or event does not have to be a hassle. In fact, we work hard to make the process easy for you.

Some of the sign details and questions you should consider when planning for your sign(s) are listed below:

Where will my sign be used (Interior or Exterior)?

What type of sign material should I use (soft or hard)?

Do I want a basic sign, high-end sign or something in between?

Budget.. What can I afford to spend on signage?

Do I need to consider the cost/financing of my signage before I start a business?

How do I want the sign mounted?

What surface will the sign be mounted to?

What type of mount do I need? Hidden or Decorative.

How high on the building/surface will my sign be mounted?

How long do I need this sign to last?

What size/shape do I want/need the sign to be?

Do I need a single- sided or double- sided sign?

Do I want an illuminated, non-illuminated or indirectly luminated sign?

Are there landlord sign guidelines in my lease?

Am I required to comply with a franchise sign design?

Do I have the occupancy permit for my business location?

Do I have a logo for my business?

Do I have a design for my sign?

Do I need a designer or can I work with your design staff?

How many colors do I want to use?

Do I want to use a specific font/text for my sign?

Do my colors need to be very specific? (PMS/Pantone color chart)


Myth About Signage

A common myth about signage is - “My customers already know where my business is located” 85% of a small business customers are located or work within 5 miles of the business. However, demographic studies show that 18 - 20% of the population is relocating annually. To maintain or grow a business it is necessary to advertise so that new prospects in your area know where to find you. A sign is an inexpensive way to accomplish this.

Compare The Advertising Cost Vs. Exposure

Business invests $50,000 in signage

10 year life

Traffic count 30,000 - 60,000

Cost per 1000 views 2 to 80

Compare to:

Newspaper: $3.13 per 1000 views

Television: $13.20 per views

Surveys of customers have shown that customers are attracted to business by the following:

Signage: 49%

Word of Mouth: 35%

Newspaper: 2.3%

Television: 1%